What we do

Top Coach Conference is the home for all events under the Top Coach umbrella. We are dedicated to offering events for the men and women whose goal is to impact lives through athletics. It is through these events that these coaches, administrators, and other staff members can be educated, encouraged, and inspired. Additionally our events foster network and relationship building through formal and informal activities.

Please check back often for our list of upcoming events. We are also available to help you plan your event.

Who we are

Jack Warren is the host and editor of Top Coach Baseball, owner of Cornbelt Sports (the mother ship), and managing director of Top Coach Conference (all Top Coach events).
Jack spent 20 years or so coaching baseball, high school boys and girls basketball, and junior high girls basketball. He dabbled in umpiring for four years (way better hours and pay than coaching!). His baseball playing days peaked in high school where he was most noted for his scrappiness and hustle – and for being extremely left-handed. If there was an award for dirtiest uniform, he would have locked it up every year.
In Jack’s former life, his work at a large corporation led him into the fascinating world of logisitics. He was a member of a team that deployed the largest equipment rollout of its kind to over 60,000 field associates of the company. Jack led the effort for the largest of these sites, coordinating shipping, installation, travel, communications, and management. It was here where he found that these operational aspects of an organization were really in his wheelhouse (unlike the 85 mph fastball in his baseball days).
Jack’s passion for coaching has turned into his latest venture with Top Coach Conference and Top Coach Ops Con. He’s hoping that this support for those in the coaching profession can, in turn, impact even more lives.